LorAnn Super Strength Flavorings

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What is a candy oil or flavoring oil?  
*Candy oils, also called flavoring oils, are concentrated - super strength - flavors that have the intensity to withstand the higher temperature demands of candy making, but can also be used to flavor just about anything from baking to beverages!  Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT in a base of vegetable oil.  Some candy oils are oil-soluble, others are water-soluble.  The word "oil" actually refers to the term "essential oil".  Essential oils are the pure, concentrated aromatic essences extracted from the flower, fruit, or bark of plants.  
What is a Food Grade Essential Oil?
The essential oils that LorAnn labels as food grade are those essential oils that are approved by a regulation of the FDA (a classification known as GRAS) or appear on the industry approved register of safe ingredients for the flavor industry.  Many essential oils such as peppermint, lemon and orange are commonly used to flavor desserts, candies and chocolate.  Other, more herbal oils, such as thyme and rosemary may be better suited to flavoring savory dishes like soups and stews.  Essential oils, like candy oils, are very concentrated and should not be ingested undiluted.