A brand new and elegant way to display your cakes and bakes.

It's all in the name - these new Crystal Cake Boxes are crystal clear for all-round visibility, allowing for your cake design to be admired from all angles. It's the perfect way to display a gift for a friend or loved one, or stage on a party buffet for extra protection before serving.

The contents include:

  • Strong, food-grade baseboard (0.5" deep)
  • Crystal clear box and lid
  • Gold satin ribbon to fit the box
  • Assembly instructions

The boxes are extra tall to allow for taller tiers or stacked cakes. 

These cake boxes are not designed for single use. Having been made from PET plastic, the boxes can be cleaned and used over and over again. However, if you should wish to dispose of the box after use, the plastic can be recycled.

Crystal Clear Boxes

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